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About the IDC Student Union

The Student Union – Interdisciplinary School, Herzliya

The IDC Student Union was founded in 1994 and over the years has become a leading organization in its society involvement in social, community and cultural help. In addition, the Student Union is a recognized leader in the field of leadership and Zionism: activities and benefits for those serving in reserves, project “Love of the Land” – a series of annual tours throughout Israel, and the removal of an independent delegation to Poland and activities for holocaust survivors throughout the year.

The Student Union is non-partisan, yet it is involved in “political” processes, with the understanding that social change is political change. At the same time, the Student Union encourages the students to take part in politics, and produces content and activities that will create a support for political involvement of students.
The Student Union is a registered association, which means it operates as a non-profit organization, according to the law of associations (recommended to read in order to understand, the law is very clear and simple) and a “clean” end of the year balance sheet; in other words does not gain profits. In 2011 the Student Union received special recognition for the proper management of the registrar, one of the few societies which hold this recognition.

As of 2011, over 90% of all students attending the IDC are members of the Student Union. In 2012 the annual dues were raised from 180 to 200 shekels after membership dues have not been updated for six years. The reason for updating is the erosion of “hard money”, that is, by an increase in products and services in recent years (steady increase of CPI), every dollar is “worth less”. At the same time, the volume of activity provided – by association, is rising constantly. It is important to note that the costs of the various union dues across the country ranges from 150-200 shekels. The Student Union of the IDC stands around the average of the afore mentioned range.

Inside the Student Union operates an academic arm, consisting of representatives of tracks and academic coordinators for each of the various schools as well as an administrative arm consisting of executive departments, such as cultural affairs, social involvement, welfare and so on. In addition, under the Student Union operates the Economic Company who is responsible for business relations and events for students.

At the head of the Student Union sits the Chairman, Yarden Ben Yosef, and the Vice Chairman, Ori Benner, who were elected in May 2013. Additionally, the Student Union operates a committee that consists of representatives from the international school. At the head of the International Committee sits Boaz Harel. Student Union elections are held every year.


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