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Volunteering in the Student Union

The Student Union operates through coordinators and volunteers. We encourage students to come and help in various activities. Apart from existing activities we encourage student initiatives. Besides volunteering in activities, we also can use the help of students in running the Student Union office.

Volunteering is recognized as hours for students scholarships for students with Scholarships for Excellence or for socio-economic status.

Interested in Volunteering in the Student Union?

Contact the Student Union offices at 09-952-7289.

Already Volunteering in the Student Union?

If you still haven’t signed up through the website, please contact the Student Union offices so that we can update our lists so we won’t miss anyone willing to volunteer.


We are looking for volunteers for the Student Union website: whether you have technical knowledge or not we are happy to receive all of you and give you the opportunity to acquire professional experience. We are looking for students who can do content writing, edit pictures, update the website, and more. Don’t know if this is for you or not? Contact the Student Union office and we will get back to you with more information.

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