Social Involvement

Community Involvement

The department for Community Involvement of the Student Union is picking up the responsibility for social actions and community involvement within the IDC, in the city of Herzliya and the rest of country as well.
We believe that a better society stems from the desire of a few to enlist for the general good and for individuals in need.


            Have a Social Initiative?        Wanted: Volunteers!



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What Can You Do?

Open up your email's to find our Newsletter where there are advertisements for different organizations and charities that need volunteers.
Contact us for a complete list of organizations in need of volunteers, including details about the different types of volunteer works and for those that offer 2 course credits.
Follow us on the Student Union's Facebook page and come volunteer for the different events the department organizes.
Think of ideas on various social actions, crazy ideas and solid ones, and come to us to receive guidance, assistance, counseling, a budget and a warm roof over your head.
Join our departments' amazing team within the Student Union in order to actively track our plans for the year.
Bring your class to do a Group Volunteer project together: let us know and we will take care of the rest.


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