“It is important to remember this truth: the land of Israel exists because of hundreds of thousands of people who are enlisted in the army and reserve services and due to the workers, taxpayers and caring citizens. These same people, who are responsible for the country’s continued existence, are the ones who carry on the Zionist values”

Professor Uriel Reichman, President of the IDC

The Interdisciplinary Center sees the students who do reserve service as a community whose donations are extremely important to the State of Israel, and see a difference between them and those who do not conduct reserve service during their degree.

At the Student Union we will be your encouragement and support, the ear that will listen to your problems, initiate special benefits and will give academic support to students who are Student Union members and conduct reserve service.

On this page you will find information including rights of reservist students, in accordance with reserve laws, and is detailed in the school regulations as well as in a shortened format.

In addition, in order to reach most of the relevant information in a useful manner a flow-chart was created detailing what you need to do from the moment you receive your reserve calling, benefits, all the way up to getting paid for your reserve service.

Here are the benefits that the IDC and the Student Union provide to reservists:






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